Euroglassvision paddle tennis court – EPAD004

The paddle courts (EUROGLASSVISION Model) designed and developed by Euronix Metal, S.L. have been conceived for the practice of this sport even at the highest level, according to the sport regulations (NIDE 2004 Paddle), rules and regulations of the F.E.P. (Spanish Federation of Paddle) and structural calculation based on the Technical Building Code.

The main structure of the track is metallic, based on hot-rolled steel of S-275-JR and S-235-JR quality, with a 120x60x3 mm profile.
The structural system will consist of 18 pillars, each resting on its respective anchor plate and reinforcing beams at its base.
The height of these posts will vary between 3, 4 or 6 meters on which are distributed different angles and plates for the fastening of the glass or metal enclosure.

The track bottoms have a specially designed structure so that the vision is not intercepted by any metallic structure (no posts; only the corner posts equipped with plates for fastening the frames and glass of the track). Both the backdrops and the sides have the robust fastening of the glass on the one hand to the floor, by means of reinforced tie plates, and on the other hand to the upper beam that forms the sides and backdrops of the track.