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Construction of stands




The stands you need for the public at your sporting events are here.

At Euronix we have specialized in the construction of sports stands. We offer you a wide variety of options, 100% customizable, that stand out for the quality of the materials and their great durability. As well as for the safety and comfort that the stands provide.

Discover our catalog and contact our specialist technicians. Based on your needs, we will design a proposal with the best quality and price ratio.

sports stands

Among our variety of stands you will find detachable stands, portable stands, or telescopic stands. We are responsible for the design, manufacture and installation of sports stands for both indoor and outdoor use.

What characteristics do our stands have?

  • Optimum visibility of the field or court from any point.
  • Maximum safety through railings, handrails and stairs. As well as the evacuation capacity in case of emergency.
  • Compliance with current regulations (UNE STANDARDS)
  • Stand capacity in accordance with local regulations and with sufficient width to accommodate the expected number of spectators without creating an uncomfortable or dangerous crowd.
  • The seats are comfortable and ergonomic, with plenty of legroom.
  • With sufficient access points and exits, and signage, to allow quick and safe entry and exit.
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning.
  • Custom aesthetics and design.
  • High quality materials and great durability.
Contact us and tell us what type of stands you are looking for and we will make you a personalized proposal. We adapt to your needs.

Sports stands design

When designing sports stands, it is key to take into account the available space, the specific needs of each sports center, the maximum and minimum number of spectators desired for sporting events, current regulations, and more. Therefore, if you are looking for the perfect stands for your sports facilities, let our team advise you.

We have more than 15 years of experience. Throughout our history we have made all types of stands designs, for small spaces and for large spaces. We adapt to the needs of each client, and offer timeless stands designs, according to the aesthetics of the space and the corporate image. We offer design and quality in materials, and 100% customization.

We create sports stands that allow spectators to enjoy your sporting events safely, comfortably and excitingly. Here are some fundamental aspects in the design of sports stands.

Installation of sports stands

We offer you our sports stands installation service. We provide you with a comprehensive solution so you don’t have to worry about anything. Leave it in the hands of our team and you can focus on the rest of the business aspects.

Providing your facilities with the best quality stands, so that spectators can enjoy the matches, and having an installation service from our professionals, will give you the peace of mind that you need to have before holding any sporting event.

The installation of sports stands is a complex process that must be carried out by experienced professionals. Additionally, it is essential to comply with all applicable safety regulations and standards to ensure the safety of spectators and the success of sporting events.