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Assembly of playgrounds

Euronix Fabricantes de productos deportivos e instalaciones deportivas
Playground manufacturers
Euronix Fabricantes de productos deportivos e instalaciones deportivas
Euronix Fabricantes de productos deportivos e instalaciones deportivas

We specialise in the assembly of playgrounds that seek to integrate with the urban environment. Tell us about your project and we will advise you.

Our playgrounds are manufactured with the safety of children in mind. Therefore, its design requires special consideration in terms of educational stimulation, accessibility and safety. In addition, they are resistant to weather conditions, constant use, and vandalism.

We also take environmental impact into account. We seek to incorporate sustainable materials that can be recycled after their useful life to be turned back into playground elements or other products.

Playground design

Discover our playground design service.

A playground is much more than an area for children to play, it is a carefully organised composition that seeks to generate harmony, beauty, and functionality. For these projects, we combine our expertise in educational play with architectural design principles.

Each playground reflects the personality and needs of the children. We turn the area of the city of your choice into a playground for children.

The secret of a good playground design lies in the appropriate choice of games and swings, their layout, and the incorporation of decorative elements. As well as, of course, the furniture used in the playground. Benches, fences and safety elements, lampposts, roofs to provide shade or shelter from the rain, fountains and other elements are important to create a fun, creative and functional environment.

Design and manufacture of urban furniture

Street furniture represents much more than benches, gardens or swings in the city. It is the reflection of the culture, identity, and vision of a place. Therefore, its design and manufacturing become an art that integrates functionality, aesthetics and sustainability.

At Euronix we design parks and urban furniture. Essential elements of public spaces, which allow citizens to enjoy walks and unique moments outdoors.

Giving a personalised style to the city and at the same time having all the necessary functionality, comfort and security is possible with our solutions.

Urban furniture is the perfect complement to any green space. From benches, paper bins, children’s swings, to streetlights and signage, these elements not only offer functionality but also aesthetics and character to the space.