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At Euronix we are specialists and manufacturers of the best quality tennis courts for your sports facilities. In our company we are specialists in nets for sports facilities, we have different ranges of products; among which our customers can choose the most suitable option according to their needs.

We work with effort, perseverance and dedication to create different varieties of nets for different sports. We offer our tennis network. We are also manufacturers of metal products of our own design, such as fixed netting poles, with indoor or outdoor tensioning system, portable pole and netting solutions, pole sets available in various options, etc. We adapt to the needs of each of our customers, manufacturers of tennis equipment and design customized solutions. We are a group of specialists whose objective is to meet the requirements of our customers in order to provide them with the most suitable nets for their type of sports facility.

At Euronix we offer an integral service, which includes from the manufacture of networks of our own design, to the assembly and installation of networks. Because we know that our customers need a complete, efficient and time-saving solution, our technicians go to the customer’s sports facilities to anchor the net and its poles quickly and safely, leaving them completely ready for use.