Euronix Fabricantes de productos deportivos e instalaciones deportivas


Outdoor sports equipment

Euronix Fabricantes de productos deportivos e instalaciones deportivas
Euronix Fabricantes de productos deportivos e instalaciones deportivas
Multisport courts
Euronix Fabricantes de productos deportivos e instalaciones deportivas
Euronix Fabricantes de productos deportivos e instalaciones deportivas
Euronix Fabricantes de productos deportivos e instalaciones deportivas
Canine circuit

Outdoor sports equipment is booming. More and more people are interested in exercising outdoors, to enjoy a training session while being able to breathe fresh air.

To satisfy the needs of our customers who, in turn, want to satisfy those of outdoor sports lovers, we have created a complete range with all kinds of material. Discover our catalog and choose yours.

Outdoor sports equipment company

We are your trusted outdoor sports equipment company. Nowadays there is a high demand for quality products for outdoor sports, and we offer you everything you may need.

Take a look at our extensive line of sports equipment. And discover its main features:

  • Quality and durability to withstand continued use and changing weather conditions throughout the year.
  • Variety of equipment for outdoor sports, with specific products for each sport.
  • Innovation and technology to adapt to the world of sports, which is constantly evolving. We develop products that improve the performance and experience of the athlete.
  • Safety and compliance with regulations, our products are developed under the standards of UNE regulations.

We offer you sports flooring, meshes and nets, boards and baskets, posts and goals, bars for calisthenics, artificial grass, medicine ball, TRX, elastic bands, paddle and tennis courts… Find everything you need to create an outdoor gym with the best quality and price ratio. Without intermediaries.

Construction of sports Pitches or Courts

We are specialists in the construction of custom sports pitches or courts. We adapt to your needs.

Building a sports court is not simply a matter of outlining a space and placing a couple of goals or baskets. It requires careful study and design, and the choice of appropriate materials to ensure its durability and functionality.

We tell you some of the general aspects that must be taken into account when approaching a sports pitches or courts construction project:

  • Type of surface: the choice of surface is crucial. For sports such as tennis or basketball, a hard floor may be appropriate. However, for disciplines such as football or rugby, a grass surface is required, whether natural or synthetic. Each surface has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the choice will depend on factors such as climate, intended use and available budget.
  • Drainage and maintenance: a sports pitches or courts must have a good drainage system to prevent water accumulation. Additionally, depending on the surface material, different levels of maintenance will be required. For example, a natural lawn requires regular watering, mowing and fertilizing.
  • Rules and regulations: the construction of the court must be carried out based on local, national and international rules and regulations for the specific sport, which is essential. This includes court dimensions, permitted materials, and safety requirements.
  • Zoning: plan spectator areas, locker rooms, warm-up areas, and other complementary facilities according to the needs of the sport and the capacity of the court or pitch.
  • Equipment and furniture: Determine what additional equipment is needed, such as goal posts, baskets, nets, seats, benches, scoreboards and information boards.
  • Accessibility: ensure that the court is accessible to all people, including those with disabilities. This involves the inclusion of ramps, accessible seating and parking areas.
  • Safety: implement safety measures such as fences, barriers and protections, to prevent injuries, elimination of potentially dangerous obstacles and guarantee that the materials used are not toxic or dangerous.

Quality, durability, innovation and safety are our top priorities. And surely they are yours too. Our products, made with the best materials and a unique design, not only improve the sports experience, but also make your business more profitable.

Tell us about your project and request personalized advice.