Types of net sports

A very frequent question that many people ask is what are the types of network sports. To talk about network sports, first of all, we must know their definition. In this sense, a net sport is characterized by the use of a net and has the general objective of throwing a ball over a net into the opponent’s court, trying to make it difficult to return it, or to score inside a net.

In some net sports, the ball is allowed to bounce on the court, such as tennis and paddle tennis. In other modalities, if the ball or the object of the dispute touches the field of play, a point is scored. This is for example the case of volleyball.

If we compare them with wall sports, they are different. In these, the competitors are the ones who alternate attacking the ball and hitting it against a rebounding wall, as in the case of squash. The point is scored when one of the players does not respond to the opponent’s attacks.

In today’s article we want to tell you a little more about these net sports and which ones are the best known.

What are the network sports?

There are several

net sports

among which we can highlight the following, which are the best known. However, we must not forget that there are others that are less well known.


Indoor soccer







Beach Volleyball

Field hockey



Tennis is a game played on a court that is rectangular in shape, which can be one of many surfaces. It is played with two players, when it is a single game, or four players, when it is a double game. Players arrange themselves on opposite sides of the net and use a string racket to hit the ball back and forth.

Tennis can be played on clay, cement or grass courts.



Paddle is a sport that is played in pairs, two against two, and whose objective is that, by means of a single stroke, the ball passes to the opponent’s court. The main difference between tennis and paddle is that paddle is played with a paddle and tennis is played with a racket. The tennis racquet has strings, which are intertwined strings that have a certain pressure and allow the ball to be released with more speed. While the blade is made of dense material and has some holes to be lighter.



Badminton is a net sport in which players have to hit the shuttlecock with their rackets to throw it over the net to the opponent’s court. A point is scored when it falls to the floor of the opponent’s court without being returned. It is a sport that in recent years is gaining followers.



Volleyball is a team sport where two teams face each other on a smooth playing field separated by a central net, with the objective of passing the ball over the net to the floor of the opposing court without the other team being able to return it.


Beach Volleyball

Beach volleyball is volleyball played on sand. As in volleyball, the game is played in teams and the aim is to get the ball into the opponent’s court.


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types of net sports
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