How many square meters is a soccer field?

We are sure that if you have arrived here it is because you like sports as much as we do. So the topic we are going to talk about today is going to be very entertaining for you, soccer fields and their dimensions to be more precise.

It is quite possible that on more than one occasion, especially when watching a game, this question has arisen, How many square meters is a soccer field? Although this is not a one-answer question, we will try to be as clear as possible to clear up this doubt so that you are not left with curiosity.


Square meters of a soccer field with La Liga and FIFA approval

As far as the field of play is concerned, not counting the total space of the soccer field, which also includes other areas such as bleachers, changing rooms and other facilities, it must comply with minimum measurements.

Professional soccer fields must be a minimum of 45 meters wide and a maximum of 90 meters. If we talk about the fields we have in our country, the average is in the 70 meters.

As for the length, the minimum length is 90 meters and the maximum length is 120 meters. And the average in this case is around 105 meters.

As you can see, there are no specific square meters that are the same for all soccer fields, but they can be between that range of minimum and maximum width and length.


Square meters of soccer fields according to playing category

For the U-16 level, which includes for example recreational play, inter-regional and inter-local competitions, the recommended field dimensions are 60 meters wide by 100 meters long. But if we are talking about the regulations, and not what is recommended, it should be at least 50 meters wide and 90 meters long.

If we enter into competitions between soccer teams at the national level, the size of the soccer field changes. The width for U-18 is 60 meters wide and 100 meters long, for 2nd B and 3rd division 64 meters wide and 100 meters long. And finally, for the Spanish Championship, to play the Super Cup, the RFEF Cup, 1st and 2nd division, the field must measure 68 meters wide by 105 meters long.